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Between the ages of 16 to 23 young athletes are faced with new challenges that have a large impact on their life. During the transition to adulthood our youth experience increased loads of stress as a result of newfound freedoms and responsibilities. Our goal is to support passionate riders throughout this step.

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Tauranga Development Squad
Tauranga Development Squad
Tauranga Development Squad
Can you spot the landing? We're suprised @conor.mccarthy_mtb can with that visor. @eve.smith.mtb on the other hand doesnt need to cause we know shes just gonna send it regardless. Great to see these two flying through the last race of the year. And what a year its been. Tough for everyone in more ways than one. Time to say goodbye to the 2020 squad! And welcome in the 2021 team!

Its been great to have the support of our 2020 sponsors. Remember o support local and support those who support us when you can!
Dodzy Memorial Enduro 2020

Dodzy Memorial Enduro 2020

Saturday 1st February- Practice  We arrived at 440 MTB park at around 9 am to register and get sorted for the day. Shuttles began at 9:30 so we we’re all ready to go when the first shuttle left the base.…
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