Dodzy Memorial Enduro 2020

Saturday 1st February- Practice 

We arrived at 440 MTB park at around 9 am to register and get sorted for the day. Shuttles began at 9:30 so we we’re all ready to go when the first shuttle left the base. On Saturday it was all about getting to know the tracks and conditions we were going to be riding in for the race the next day as it was very dusty and dry. We completed at least one run of each track as well as riding certain ones a few more times in order to make sure we had the tricky technical sections down packed. At 2pm we headed up to do our seeding run which was going to tell us which order we are going to race in for the next day. The track we did this on was a very dry, rooty, windy track which was interesting racing down but still heaps of fun. We then had a climb back over the hill to the 440 base before going back to the campsite for a quick swim then returning to the mountain bike park to watch the grass dual slalom that evening. 

Sunday 2nd February- Race day

We arrived at 440 at around 8:30 for the 9am kick off. As there we’re not heaps of girls racing we all got sent off together which was really cool as we had a shuttle mainly to ourselves. However for the first run of the day we had to bike to the start which made sure we were warm and ready for the first stage of the day. It was a very hot day so the trails were very dusty and dry which made for a fun but interesting race. We spent the rest of the day working our way through the remaining 4 stages via shuttle and pedal power to finish up at around 2pm. We then had a quick break, had some watermelon and went for a swim before coming back at 3pm for prize giving. Overall, it was a very cool race and very well organised. Both Eve and Hope placed in the senior women’s category which was a very cool achievement for them as well as the team.